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About Us


Nya is a 21-year-old recent undergrad graduate (Dec. 2021) of San Francisco State University who launched her product line in March of 2020. Before the launch, Nya was a nail technician in both San Francisco and in her home city of Atlanta for 4 years.


Nya has been a passionate entrepreneur for as long as she can remember. In middle school, she juggled many business ventures. During this time she went from selling gourmet waffles to her neighbors, custom phone cases to her classmates, and fun kawaii jewelry to friends and family. In 9th grade, after experiencing the culture shock of moving from Atlanta, GA to Orem, Utah, she dove straight into the world of nails after expressing much interest to her older sister, Aliyyah. Aliyyah, and her mother, Shaakira, would later invest in her budding interest, and boy would things elevate. Nya studied the craft of nails, gained confidence, and would begin servicing her friends and family in 11th grade. Nail’d by Nya was officially born. After saving up money from working and doing nails, graduating number 3 in her high school class, and moving to San Francisco with a full ride to her dream school, she’d move and take her talents with her. Until January 2020, she did nails every day after school while managing her business management studies.


Once the coronavirus pandemic hit and the nation quarantined, Nya shifted her attention to creating custom press-on nail sets for her existing clients and other customers. Having press-on nails as a new canvas where anything was possible, Nya's new task became how to make these beautifully decorated sets in as little time as possible. "Nail Art with Nya," the original name of her product line was initially developed and launched to make nail art less daunting for nail technicians -- like herself -- who struggled with drawing or with finding affordable nail art supplies. The product line would soon expand to include glitter acrylic powders, colored acrylic powders, and liquid monomer. Nya's product line was no longer focused on providing just the artistic pieces but grew to encompass ALL supplies any nail technician could need.

Our goal at Nail'd by Nya LLC is to provide the highest quality products at the most affordable price, while keeping as many people in this industry well-taken care of as we can. It has been a beautiful sight to witness how many people have been inspired to begin their nail journey and how many have absolute faith in our brand. We hope people who look up to Nya and might see someone who looks like them, know that their wildest dreams are possible. We are immensely thankful for all the new support and grateful for all continued backing.

We promise to continue our mission of making the nail industry an accessible space for all levels of nail artists with affordable and high quality products.