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Learn About It: A Whole Lotta Nails eBook

This listing includes the electronic book titled Learn About It: A Whole Lotta Nails.

This eBook is comprised of the free eBooks given for the Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3 portions of the Artistry of Acrylic Nails Series. It includes: direct links to assist in prepping/ acrylic application/ shaping and filing, nail anatomy, proper structuring of nail enhancements, proper ventilation practices, caution with chemicals, nail disorders and diseases, EMA vs. EMA, debulking the nail, shaping tips, and much more! 

Page total: 34

After purchasing you will receive a download link for this book. You are permitted 3 downloads and 72 hours to do so before the link expires, so please be sure to save your downloads to your device after purchasing. Please note that this is not a physical book before purchasing. The information within this book has been copyrighted and should not be duplicated or altered in anyway.

There will be absolutely zero refunds for ebook and digital learning purchases. By purchasing this listing you agree to this policy.

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