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Nya’s Hands Velour Sweatsuit

This listing is for our velour sweatsuit. The top part of this velour set is adorned with Nya's hands logo which is embroidered in either white or black on the front, back, arms, and hood of the jacket. There is a custom zipper in the shape of a posed hand. On the back of the jacket, the phrase "your fav nail artist" is embroidered in either white or black. The bottoms part of this velour set has the phrase "your fav nail artist" embroidered in either white or black.

Nya (pink) is 5'3 and is wearing a size S. Emily (black, sitting) is 5'5 and is wearing a size S. Karaven (black, standing) is 5'4 and is wearing a size 2XL. Liz (grey) is 5'6 and is wearing a size M.

Be sure to machine wash cold with like colors, and dry on your lowest setting.

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