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Rubber Top Coat

What is a Rubber Top Coat?

WE HAVE BROUGHT YOU A NEW AND IMPROVED FORMULA! The same unbelievable shine, but even better workability.

Our rubber top coat has been formulated to have a much thicker than usual consistency in comparison to traditional top coats. A rubber top coat can be used to encapsulate glitter, pigments, and/ or transfer foils without the fear of chipping or fading away. Being much stronger than regular top coats, it can also be used to add extra structure to your acrylic nails to prevent breaking. Our top coat has a superior shine and is non-wipe. 

Cure your top coat for a minimum of 2 minutes in your LED lamp. Allow the nail to sit for an addition 60 seconds before touching. Be sure to wipe the sides of the nail before curing to preserve your crisp shape.

Suggested for professionally trained nail technicians.

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